1. Introduction

    This Privacy Policy aims to help you understand what information we collect, why we collect it, how we treat it, to where it can be transferred and how you can update and delete your information. Our services, processes and communication systems aim to ensure the highest possible degree of compliance with the applicable law: Regulation (EU) 2016/679, The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)).

    This Privacy Policy covers all those residing in a country in the European Economic Area (which includes the European Union) or in any included other country or territory (collectively referred to as the European Region).

  2. Data Collection

    We collect information about yourself and/or concerning you at the following moments when you use DIGI-B-CUBE Collaborative Platform:

    1. When you send a message through our contact form or direct email.
    2. When you visit and browse the platform.
    3. When you register and use the platform.
    4. When you apply for a voucher
    5. When you enter a smart contract
    6. When you use the Matchmaking module.
    7. When you register to use Digital Transformation Services module.

    2.1 Sending of messages by contact form

    Whenever you contact us through the contact form or by sending an e-mail, the following data are collected: email address, name, subject and content of the message you are sending. We usually store the emails we receive for archive purposes and later contacts.

    2.2 Visits and use of the DIGI-B-CUBE Collaborative Platform

    Information is collected every time you visit the platform. This collected information is described and explained in the section on the use of cookies.

  3. Use of Cookies

    The DIGI-B-CUBE Platform uses cookies to identify information about your session use and personalisation of your browser each time you visit. A cookie is a small data file that is stored by the browser when you access the platform. These cookies do not contain any of your personal information, such as name or email. The information stored in the cookie will only identify you for this platform.

  4. How we use your data

    We may use your information to:

    1. Inform you about any changes or updates we make to our services.
    2. Alert you about relevant opportunities and activities (including project news, results, collaboration opportunities and events ).
    3. Provide you with other information or services to which you subscribe.

    Your information will be used for purposes directly related to the DIGI-B-CUBE Collaborative Platform and/or project and will never be shared with third parties (such as marketing companies).

  5. Legitimacy in the treatment of your data

    Your data will only be saved if one of the following occurs:

    1. You express your consent by sending an e-mail or submitting an online form.
    2. The data is required to comply with a legal obligation to which the DIGI-B-CUBE project is subject, such as the disclosure of data to Tax Administration and Social Security authorities, as well to as other authorities.

    Your personal data will not be used for purposes other than those described in this policy without you being informed in advance or, where appropriate, your consent obtained.

  6. Data retention period

    Your personal data will be kept for the minimum period of time necessary for the purposes described above and/or for compliance with legal obligations. The minimum time required is the duration of the project plus two additional years (for example: in a 3 year project your data will be kept for 5 years). After this period, your data will be deleted.

  7. How can we share your information

    Your information will be shared only on request by the police or supervisory authorities when there is suspicion that an illegal act is being committed or if this disclosure would allow an illegal act to be prevented; or as required or authorized by law.

  8. Data protection under application:

    By agreeing to the terms and conditions, the applicant agrees on the storage and use of its personal data for the execution of the DIGI-B-CUBE objectives and work plan. The DIGI-B-CUBE consortium commits to handling personal data confidentially except for the voucher applications and project results, which will contain the following information:

    • Information about successful DIGI-B-CUBE Vouchers applications that will be made publicly available before the end of the project containing: project title, names of project partners and short project description (as provided by the applicant in the application template).
    • Information about successful DIGI-B-CUBE Voucher Applications and Project reults that will be made publicly available after the end of the project: project title, names of project partners, awarded funding and updated short project description (as provided by the project partners in the Final Report).

    Applications selection and evaluation will be performed under the appropriate ethical conduct and will respect the confidentiality of the information received. The arrangement of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is optional. It is the responsibility of each participant of the respective innovation or consultancy project to protect sensitive information. Applications selection and evaluation will be performed under the appropriate ethical conduct and will respect the confidentiality of the information received. Applicants are aware that their proposal will be made available to internal and external evaluators.

  9. Your rights

    At any time, you can request:

    1. Access to your personal data.
    2. Alteration of your personal information.
    3. Opposition to, cancellation or limitation in the treatment of your personal data.
    4. Portability of your personal data previously provided, in a structured and compatible manner and in a readable format.
    5. For your data to be deleted and forgotten.

    To exercise your rights, please contact us through the following e-mail: info@digibcube.eu Your requests will be treated with care, so that we can ensure the effectiveness of your rights. You will be asked to prove your identity, so to ensure that personal data are shared only with the owner.

    Please note that, in certain cases and in accordance with applicable law, your request may not be satisfied immediately or in full. In all cases, you will be informed of the measures taken, within 30 days from the time the request is made.

  10. Clarifications or doubts

    If you have any questions regarding this policy or other privacy issues, or if you wish to exercise any of your rights, please contact us at: info@digibcube.eu.